South Africa’s 2015/16 State of Tourism Report

Tourism has released the 2015/16 State of Tourism report to inform government and industry decision makers and businesses about the sector’s performance. The report provides a holistic view of the environment that the sector operates in whilst taking into account the challenges and opportunities associated with external factors in the country.

National Tourism Stakeholder Forum feedback

National Tourism Stakeholder Forum (NTSF) meeting feedback 22 September 2017  

National Tourism Stakeholder Forum (NTSF) meeting feedback 22 September 2017   

Sam Wenger, National Tourist Guide, Representing the Institute of Professional Tourist Guides of SA(IPTGSA) and Gauteng Guide Association (GGA) and Tourist Guide’s interests in general, attended the whole day meeting at the Park Inn Hotel, Sandton, on 22 September 2017.

Eastern cape IPTGSA Roadshow

In the drive to promote and get the Institute to all corners of SA  our roadshow is moving to Port Elizabeth. Knowing that tourist guides are busy this time of year and dont have plenty of time to take off and attend meetings the IPTGSA has been invited to join a meeting hosted by Tourism Association of the Sunshine coast (TASC) to introduce the Institute to the tourist guides .

AGM / Launch 2017

Johan van Biljon and Michael Tellinger

As one of the inaugural members I would like to to thank all the people that showed interest and the people attending the first AGM and the launch yesterday on 22 June 2017 .This will be a date to remember ,though small all organisations have to start some where.
I would also like to thank Michael Tellinger for making our launch an interesting event with the presentation on the stone circles