AGM / Launch 2017

Johan van Biljon and Michael Tellinger

As one of the inaugural members I would like to to thank all the people that showed interest and the people attending the first AGM and the launch yesterday on 22 June 2017 .This will be a date to remember ,though small all organisations have to start some where.
I would also like to thank Michael Tellinger for making our launch an interesting event with the presentation on the stone circles

South Africa's Forest Birds

Do you struggle with Forest Birding? Need an update on forest bird calls? Book for the next CBC course on 22 July 2017

IPTGSA collaborative office space

Tourist guides are always on the run and spread all over Africa , as we know its difficult to get a group of guides together ,never mind having a proper office.The IPTGSA is organised and run by working tourist guides for working tourist guides have signed up with OPEN collaborative workspaces to have a more permanent home and office space.