Rand club and Financial district Johannesburg

Outside the Rand Club at 33 Loveday Street.

The Rand Club was founded a mere year after Johannesburg sprang to life, in 1887 and has occupied its present building, a fine Edwardian edifice in the heart of the old financial district, since 1904. 
It is an institution that has embodied certainty and permanence, at odds with a city that is uncomfortable with anything but the latest fashion. Its walls are still adorned with maps from colonial Africa, 19th-century prints of lion hunting and paintings of glorious military victories, even though its demographics increasingly reflect those of our city, and its social functions the taste of a younger generation.

Join us in exploring the history, personalities and architecture of this marvellous Johannesburg institution and its neighbourhood.

GUIDES : Brian Kent McKechnie and Adam Golding
PARK : On the street near the corner of Fox and Loveday – meet outside the Club at 33 Loveday Street.
TIME : 14h00
DURATION : Approximately 2 hours
COST : R90.00 for members and R150.00 for non-members
MAX No : 60

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