Addo Guide registration

Addo Elephant National Park

All guides (individuals or staff members of organisations who bring guests into the park on guided game drives) will have to write an examination based on the above manuscript in order to qualify for accreditation to act as a nature/field/tourism guide.

An exam registration book is available at the park’s Game Drives Reception office, where candidates can add their details under a specific date on which they’d like to be tested.  Exams will be held at Addo Elephant National Park three times a year.  It will take the form of a multiple choice questionnaire (100 questions), with an 80% pass required in order to receive accreditation.

The aim of this manual is to provide information for nature/field guides operating in the Addo Elephant National Park (AENP). This will help to clarify facts about the AENP and will hopefully allow guides to give the correct information to tourists about various aspects of the park.

The manual will also be useful to students, members of the public and new employees of the AENP as part of their orientation.

Naturally, as new information becomes available and as certain facts about the park (for example, the status of the elephant population) changes, this manual will need to be updated.

The Addo Elephant National Park is still a developing park. New developments occur regularly. It is thus in the nature guide’s interest to make an effort to keep up to date on new developments.

Every effort has been undertaken to ensure the accuracy of the information in the manual. In addition, this manual does not claim to contain all information about all aspects of the park. Some sections are more detailed than others. Any suggestions about new information or corrections that should be included in this manual should be given to the Regional Ranger: [email protected]

Animal numbers are not included as these are in a continual state of change.

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