First Aid Level 1 Refresher

Workshop 17, Maboneng

On Monday, 25th March, 2019, a grand total of 4 tourist guides arrived at Workshop 17, Maboneng, to attend a First Aid Level 1 Refresher course, as is prescribed by law. Our trainer, Barry, from Turtle Life Support was already there and all his equipment and paraphernalia set up.

First order of business, as to be expected were the coffees & introductions.

Once that was done, we got down to the serious business of the training, which was to concentrate on the new protocols of basic first aid, with an emphasis on CPR. With the advances in technology, CPR training can now be adjudicated by means of an electronic device attached to the “Resussie Annie” doll, to give feedback on the effectiveness of chest compressions and administration of breathing. Soon, the 4 candidates were saying their “Hello’s” to the doll, and doing chest compressions to improve these skills.

The second portion of the training was the theoretical part involving “what to do if …”, including cuts & bruises, poisons and more. The final session was a final CPR session to ensure that we were all very proficient and effective in this life saving procedure.

Thanks Barry for this truly amazing refresher. You made it so very interesting.

CPD Credits