Minutes of Meeting 25 Nov 2019 W17 Firehouse


Minutes of Committee meeting held at

 Workshop 17 Firehouse on 25 November 2019

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1. Attendance was registered

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1. Meeting was started at 10:00 with welcome from Sam Wenger and n introduction on the happenings over the last few months , as-its busy season and not a lot of meetings were held there was quite a few meetings attended by members of the committee .JJ Pieterse was welcomed to the meeting via Skype from Cape Town.

2. Feed back from the treasurer Ian Stevens was presented. The year of 2019 only 4 members paid subscription , but as the industry and the NDT was changing the goal posts it was decided during the year that we cannot pursue membership fees as we could not give full confirmation on what was happening.  It was noted that JVB was keeping the bank account live with about R2400 per month so that obligations can be settled. Noted by SW was that these monies should be entered into a loan account and when the Institute was running pay back would happen , all members agreed . IS confirmed that complete accounting on all monies are kept for audit purposes. SW said that we should not let opportunities lapse due to the finances of the Institute but sponsor the opportunity and keep IS informed so that accounting can be kept up to date .

3. JVB proceeded to give some feedback on what has happened in the last few months .

a) 2 October 2019 a private meeting was held between JVB and Uveshnee Pillay from NDT and was updated on what is happening at NDT;

i. No support was given to the new NFTGA as published and they were requested for an apology


ii. There was a lot of guiding procedure to be included in the amendment tourism bill but was scrapped ( don’t know why ) and that is why nothing was in the amendment act as promised.

iii. UP gave heads-up to request terms of engagement and if complied to a memorandum of understanding will be signed MOU.

b) JVB attended casual meeting with Jeremy Howard and Alisha Belo from the CTGA and was informed about the uneasiness between the different factions in the Cape , these items were noted.

c) JVB and JJP attended a dinner meeting in Cape Town with Alistair Reizenberg and his son which represented the Guide family FB , They were looking for an in, to promote the educationals been offered in CTN and it was explored that educationals could be accredited by IPTGSA and then these educationals could also be sanctioned in other provinces under the auspices of the Institute. This need to be looked into and a followup meeting to be arranged.

d) JVB and SW attended SAQA Prof. Body introduction meeting at SAQA to see if there is any changes for application , The new documents were sent through , the most important news is that SAQA now charges a fee to be a PB 0.027% of PB’s turnover ( minimum R10k max 200K)

4. Discussion points

a) It was decided that SAQA registration would be put on the back burner for now and the The Institute first needs to get our ducks in a row after the past year has not been very productive , all parties agreed .SAQA review policy is out for public comment and people interested can find it on the website

b) As the NDT rules and changes has kept IPTGSA from having a direction in 2019 the AGM scheduled for June 2019 was postponed .All agreed that a AGM needs to happen and 3 Feb 2020 has been provisionally earmarked for this event.

c) Membership drive is one of the most important parts of the forthcoming year and all agreed that more envelopment in the guiding fraternity is required. All agreed that a discounted rate of 50% be offered to members until SAQA registration occurs .Opportunities in any field is to be brought to the attention of the committee

d) First major educational is arranged and published on the website to Rhino and Lion park on the 20 January 2020 .Additional time is given to IPTGSA to give feed back to attendees. All was requested to promote and share on social media

e) JVB, SW,LF had a committee meeting and Poll was discussed to see where guides would fall, 9 questions were proposed , It has been set up and the go was confirmed to place this poll on the website.

5. Tasks to be done

a) JJ to set up a meeting in Cape Town with Alistair and Dion for week of 6 January 2020.as JVB will be in CTN to curb expenditure. Possible buy-in and new members.

b) Educational at Rhino and Lion park 20 Jan 2020 Promoted by all RSVP online

c) AGM to be planned for 3 Feb 2020 as new members to the EXCO and Board have to be elected as per the constitution. All are requested to lobby for possible candidates and propose names that can be approached. After AGM renewed documentation is to be set up with CPIC in accordance with the constitution.

d) On completion all the above the letter an application to NDT for the MOU will be applied for, this will set open the path for registration with SAQA

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00

Thanks to Sam Wenger and his wife for the great sandwiches to the end off the meeting.


IPTGSA committee 25Nov19



Minutes accepted with the following changes.

1. Cape Town - spelling error in first paragraph.
3. (a) ii scrapped - spelling error
3. (c) Cape Town - spelling error in first line
3. (c) "could met accredited" should read "could be accredited"
3. (d) "The new documents were sent trough" should be "The new documents were sent through"
5. (a) Cape Town - spelling error