Who We Are

IPTGSA organisational chart
IPTGSA Organisational Chart 

Due to resignations and death, open positions will be elected at the next AGM


Structures and Functioning

  • The Institute shall have a Board (herein "the BOARD") composed of Five bona fide elected members.For sake of continuity three members shall be up for reelection after every two years.
  • The Institute shall have a Executive Committee (herein “the EXCO”) composed of bona fide elected members. Such members shall serve for a 2 year period, by which time members will nominate representatives who can be re-elected or newly elected.
  • The EXCO shall be composed of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Treasurer and five (5) additional members. In the event of any election failing to fill any vacant positions on the EXCO , they shall be filled by the EXCO co opting members. Decisions must be approved with two thirds majority.
  • The AGM shall be the highest and final decision making body of the Institute.
  • The operation and functioning of the BOARD shall be in accordance with the constitution and its provisions.
  • The BOARD shall physically meet at least once every quarter in each financial year.
  • The EXCO is to establish a Section 21 Company in terms of the Companies Act, 1973, for the purpose of managing and/or controlling specific funded resourced projects and units, assets and revenue streams to support the program of action for full members. The duly elected BOARD will be the member-directors of the Section 21 Company.
  • The EXCO shall also inter alia:
    Define and formalise the internal policies and procedures of the Institute.
    Structure and finalise staffing for the Institute on recommendations of the members
    Set up appropriate committees and work teams, on the recommendation of the EXCO .
    Approve the annual and 6 (six) monthly budget framework of the Institute.
    Finalise the national business plan