Mentorship program

IPTGSA Mentorship


In the Tourist guiding industry, professionalism is equated to experience and most of the knowledge and experiences are picked up by doing things. Most of the training nowadays is done in a classroom environment and new tourist guides rarely get the chance to experience places by themselves. The career path for new tourist guides is limited and this mentorship program is designed for more experienced guides to offer time to help new guides and new guides to request help and mentorship with certain areas and subjects.

Two ways to place mentorship offers / requests

  1. Mentor offers tour,ride-a-long, or participation of the tour in general or on a specific date and time. It's up to members to contact mentors and do final arrangements.
  2. Member places request for help with a specific tour or subject on a specific date or when available. The mentor may then contact the member and do the final arrangements.


Members need to be logged in to follow this link or find the mentorship link in the tools menu 



Thank you, this is absolutely wonderful for all our new guides...

I will be away now to France until mid-March, but coming back, will certainly make use of this program.

What a great initiative...well done IPTGSA!