General IPTGSA update


Good day fellow members 


Trying times are what we are used to but Covid has pushed the agony a bit far, there are many guides that have opted for other sources of income especially the young new guides, and this is fully comprehensible. This puts the whole tourist guiding industry back to square one, with very little new blood, and very little leadership from the authorities. It seems that the industry is picking up and that the tourist guiding industry will eventually start reaping benefits.

Please be assured that the IPTGSA team is keeping up with what is happening in the industry and that any developments will be communicated.

If there is any way the IPTGSA team can help please do not hesitate to contact any of the Exco members. 



  • New first-aid dates have been published for the Gauteng area 
  • Ongoing planning for educationals 
  • Attending government meetings to keep up to date and communicate the real situation on the ground.
  • Update your information on the website so that the member's list can be marketed.
  • You are reminded 21 Feb is World Tourist Guide day 

As we have placed a moratorium  on membership fees we still have expenses in keeping the NPC going and once again we ask that if you can afford it an R360pa fee is paid towards costs, it will be appreciated and assure that the IPTGSA will supply what is promised 

Check the website frequently as all information is published and accessible to the members. 

All suggestions are welcome on any topic and spread the word of IPTGSA to your fellow guides.


Have a great week 

guides for guides 


Johan Van Biljon
Chairman IPTGSA
[email protected]
www.iptgsa.orgCell 0836551997